A rare and powerful combination
Our office and team

We are a team of experienced architects who are professionals in two industries: building architecture as well as architectural branding.

With this dualism, we are unique. And this is despite the fact that this combination is incredibly important.

We are convinced that you cannot build a corporate building without understanding the company. A company headquarters is more than just a place with windows, doors, and conference rooms. We believe that architecture and brand are a team that can achieve anything.

The new premises of ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT are as surprising as our ideas.

We are co-workers at FRIENDS OF THE HOUSE, an owner-managed advertising agency that was unconventional enough to enter into a creative symbiosis with us as identity architects.

Architecture and advertising are not as different as they may seem at first glance, because they are about sending communicative signals that are heard and liked. At Asselmeyer Architekt, we love doing that with buildings!

We are happy about the creative co-existence because it proves that sharing spaces can also create spaces, and because identity only comes into being when one is reflected in other people.

Feel free to stop by for a cup of coffee! Visit us at Lange Reihe 29 in Hamburg, in our office, and in a network that rethinks architecture from the ground up.

The new kind of sustainable. Why we don't just think of CO2 when we think of sustainability.

Sustainable thinking and working is a matter of course for us. We pay attention to energy-saving, ecological construction methods, select building materials carefully and according to resource-saving criteria, and also ensure in our daily work that we burden the environment as little as possible.

But for us, sustainability is more than just a CO2 footprint. Building sustainably means laying the right foundation from the start. A basis that does not have to be corrected again and again, but stands for the long term. Sustainable building also means thinking about everyone when building. To all employees, all subsequent years, and all generations that come after us.

If a building is truly thought of as sustainable, it will still be as strong and compelling in 100 years as it is there today. And for that – we are gladly there.