Justus Asselmeyer, Managing Director

Some say
Corporate Architecture.

We call it
Identity Architecture®

Holistic, sustainable, unique: identity architecture.

Identity architecture thinks holistically about buildings and production sites. It allows the personality of companies and institutions to flow into building structures, and creates spaces in which people and ideas can be optimally realized, and are transparent and tangible for everyone. It is the most contemporary way of constructing buildings and creating the future with them. Because holistic thinking has never been more fundamental than it is today.

Identity architecture is the missing link between brand and architecture. Between self-realization and wholeness. And between the past and the future. Because only architecture that helps plan its impact on the world can create something that lasts for generations. Welcome to Asselmeyer Architect. Identity architecture for people, brands and the world of tomorrow.

Identity architecture is effective built identity

Identity Architecture® is the reconciliation of applied psychology and architecture!