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In the team we are strong: SV Beckdorf and architect’s office ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT extend and intensify partnership

Together for the region: sponsorship and support for planning of new hall construction

Sponsorship extensionThe sports club SV-Beckdorf celebrates its 100th anniversary in one year. Registered on September 14, 1924 in the Buxtehude Register of Associations, the main focus of the 400-member club is the promotion of youth sports and handball, where great success has been achieved in recent years. The ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT company has already been supporting the association for two years. An extension and intensification of the sponsorship for another 2 years has now been decided in accordance with the club motto “In the team we are strong”. Extension of sponsoring partnership.

Important steps into the future of a time-honored sports club at the gates of Hamburg!

100 years of tradition with a view to a successful future, that is the current situation. In 2023, the SV Beckdorf men’s team plays in the Oberliga, the fourth-highest league in Germany. The two other men’s teams play in the North-East regional league and in the regional league. The women’s teams play in the Regionsoberliga and Regionsklasse. Klaus Meinke, board member of SV Beckdorf: “In the talks, when it came to the extension and the intensification of the cooperation, we felt immediately and on both sides that it is another big step for both sides. After all, Justus Asselmeyer is a passionate athlete himself and is therefore wholeheartedly and enthusiastically involved. In the course of the sponsorship, he also offered to actively support us in the planning and execution of our extension to the sports hall. We are therefore naturally happy and grateful for the cooperation and support of ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT.”

Architect and handball fan supports SV Beckdorf with sponsorship and know-how!

“I can only say that I am very much looking forward to the further and even more intensive cooperation with SV Beckdorf. Not least, of course, because the club and ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT are now also pulling together on the extension to the sports hall. The club is very close to my heart because my own boys also train here and are very enthusiastic. Above all, we see the future of our association in the education of the youth. We are (again) represented with two teams per age group, partly there are even waiting lists in the younger age groups. If the club continues this perspective development concept, well-trained homegrown players will move into the men’s teams in 6 years at the latest. As a sponsoring partner, we would like to provide SV Beckdorf with the best possible support – as actively as possible and, as in the case of the extension to the sports hall, also with advice and support,” says Justus Asselmeyer about the club’s sponsorship.

“The youth work in a sports club, is the basis of a sustainable development work”!

Nadine Völkers is youth director at SV Beckdorf and emphasizes the importance of sustainable youth work: “As the person responsible for all youth teams, my focus is of course on training our youth and building a perspective basis. In the youth area of SV Beckdorf, we have invested a lot of time and effort in recent years to rebuild the youth. Currently, we train one team in the girls’ area and 4 teams in the boys’ area, plus our 2 mini teams for the smallest and youngest handball players. The youth program is rounded off with no less than 9 children’s gymnastics groups with a total of over 100 kids. Therefore, we are very grateful and happy that ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT supports not only the men and women, but also our kids with their own new jerseys. The extension of our hall, which we are planning together with ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT, is another milestone in the consistent implementation of our future strategy. Therefore, we are even more pleased about the extension of the sponsoring partnership and our cooperation”.


Board SV Beckdorf

Back row – from left to right:
Klaus Meinke, 1. chairman; Justus Asselmeyer, ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT; Nick Koschinski, trainer 2nd ladies; Alex Kientopf, 2nd men; Markus Clever, 1st men; Carsten Meyer, 2nd Chairman; Nadine Völkers, Youth Director

Front row – from left to right:
Johan Asselmeyer, E-youth; Kjell Krempien, E-youth

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