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The company Ista Express Service has presented a new identity architecture at its own campus and all German locations

ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT, which has shaped the corporate DNA in built identity, has developed a holistic brand development approach. According to the firm’s founder and owner, Dipl.-Ing. Architect Justus Asselmeyer, corporate architecture is the most important brand ambassador.

The absence of people from offices during and after the Corona times has shown that most current architectural concepts are planned without considering the human factor. Therefore, the trend is moving towards identity-creating built environments and places of identification for employees and users of buildings. Ista Express Service is already embracing this trend by planning its new main office in Rastede, along with other buildings in Osnabrück, Mannheim, Berlin, and Hanover, in the spirit of modern identity architecture. ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT has been advising the company on holistic brand development, resulting in a DNA that runs through the entire company, with people, specifically employees, at its core.

Identity architecture is based on visionary conceptual cooperation between the client and the planner.

Good, long-lasting and sustainable corporate architecture has always been an architecture of intensive cooperation between client and planner. “In this context, a strategic basis for identity-creating architecture can be promoted relatively easily through a somewhat differently designed basic and project planning phase. This involves intensively analyzing and understanding the respective values and character traits of each company and methodically transferring these very individual traits into a basic architectural concept as a guide for the brand architecture and the entire building process.”

Identity-creating architecture for new ista-Express Service GmbH locations

Architectural planning alone is no longer enough today! The core business of ista Express Service is the installation and maintenance of measuring devices such as heat cost allocators, water meters and smoke alarms in residential buildings. The company is expanding and the new campus with main office, competence center and training center in Rastede (near Oldenburg) should be planned. Normally, for an architectural firm, this means – conception, planning, construction coordination and support during the entire implementation. Not so with this project, in which the management of ista Express Service commissioned the Hamburg office of ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT with the development of a sustainable, brand-compliant architecture including a corporate architecture guideline, as well as holistic consulting in the context of branding and content production for parts of the corporate communication. The recipe for success was intensive collaboration together with many employees from a wide range of disciplines (IT, strategy, training, expansion management, etc.). “This corresponds exactly to our intention, since architects today have to think and plan much further ahead than before. Sustainable identity architecture must reflect the corporate DNA. From the outset, a building must also be thought of and understood in terms of its use, its play and its activation. This triad of architecture, programming and communication is immensely important, otherwise the building is a naked and inanimate material mix of stone, glass and wood from day one of use,” says Hamburg architect Justus Asselmeyer.

Architects must also be psychologists, communication strategists and brand experts

Corporate architecture puts people and employees at the center of everything we do. The escape to the home office is also an escape from inhumane modern office buildings. “Especially image-rich large-scale projects and architectural concepts for large companies are often cold, off-putting and planned past the individual human being. We therefore advocate that architects learn much more about psychology and communication so that elementary human needs can also be met in daily contact with architecture (in the context of brand architecture). It is actually incomprehensible why the education to become an architect teaches many constructional aspects, but does not consider the human being as a user of architecture in any of the study subjects. Mario Lenz, Chairman Managing Director of ista Express Service GmbH recognized and understood this potential and added value. Only in this way were we able to successfully implement our vision of sustainable identity architecture together as a team and roll it out at other locations.”

Identity architecture requires many years of experience

Companies and brands for which concepts in terms of corporate and brand identity have already been developed and implemented, among others, on behalf of the Hamburg agency for Brand.Experience.Architecture “NEST ONE” and the Hamburg architect Justus Asselmeyer: Aldi Süd, Allianz Versicherungen, AMG Tuning, Beiersdorf, BMW, E-Plus / Base, HSV Hamburger Sportverein, Hyundai, Ista Express Service, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Nivea, Nivea Haus Hamburg, Nivea Haus Berlin, Porsche, Porsche Design, SV Beckdorf Handball, Tesa, TUI, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge; Agencies: Agency for Brand-Experience Architecture “NEST ONE” FORMAT’67, FORMAT MEDIAHOUSE

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