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What do modern offices and workspaces have to do in times of New Work and home office in order to retain employees?

Hamburg architecture office sets on identity-creating architecture for motivating workplaces – identity-creating architecture provides for connection with enterprise

Hamburg (pts011/20.09.2022/09:25) – “After the end of the home office obligation, everything is different than before. Employees are desperately sought in all industries and long-time employees are leaving. However, it is becoming clear that hybrid working methods will continue to prevail and become established. Architecture must adapt to this trend towards hybrid work as quickly as possible and create people-friendly and flexible working environments so that employees will continue to enjoy coming to the office or the factory floor in the future. Identity-creating architecture ensures loyalty and identification with companies, and identity architecture is an effective means of achieving this. It places people at the center of everything it does, and combines the areas of (brand) architecture, design and communication in a congenial triad,” says Dipl.-Ing. Architect Justus Asselmeyer.

Identity Architecture = Corporate Architecture + Programming + Communication

Studies show that employees appreciate the hybrid way of working and that a motivating workplace architecture can not only increase professional well-being, but also performance. However, studies also show very clearly that employees in Germany are very aware of failures in their own workplace. Only 20% believe that their own company is also very well prepared for modern work. So there is still a lot to do!

Added value for all employees – added value for the company

The design of modern workspaces must create identity and bond with the company, its values and brand character. The home office can only be the satellite of the mother ship. An addition or benefit from the employer to the traditional place in the company. A link and interplay to the physical workplace – but nothing more.

“The work environment is the most important anchor point. Today, more than ever, the office and the workplace stand for social interaction in organizations. This creates a bond with and for each other. As a consequence of individual work in the home office, the workplace is increasingly developing into an architectural environment that creates identity. This promotes targeted personal dialog, emotional bonding and identification within the team, and strengthens the community, which cannot be implemented virtually. The fact is, it takes more than the same old lounge furniture, fun hammocks, ping pong tables and the obligatory Fairtrade coffee. For them to work, there are two important prerequisites: the right technology (ratio) and the right corporate culture (emotion). Only if both aspects are right and in harmony will hybrid work be successful in the future,” says architect Asselmeyer.

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