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Identity architecture brings security and a feel-good factor to professional and private life

ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT Hamburg: Identity architecture for security in professional and private life – “Modern architecture must work for people and their needs”.

The human being in the centerHamburg – Achieving a sense of security, a feel-good factor and even a kind of sense of home in a building is the fine art of architecture. “Unfortunately, today people only build with a calculating pencil and that’s why there are so many inhumane architectural sins. At the same time, so-called identity-creating architecture does not have to be more expensive in any case. Architecture just has to be honest and dispense with expensive frills that are rarely appreciated by users and residents anyway. ‘Blend architecture’ is replaced by identity architecture, which brings people together again and creates a sense of security,” says Dipl.-Ing. Architect Justus Asselmeyer, who would like to bring about the turnaround to human architecture. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s residential or commercial architecture. A building must be identity-creating and have a feel-good factor, otherwise it is wrongly designed and sends a negative signal to the outside world. We want to use identity architecture to provide a sense of security in professional and private life.”

Example 1: DNA sharpening of ista-Express Service GmbH at several locations in Germany

True identity architectureThe specification of the ista Express Service GmbH management was the clear development of an identity architecture concept in connection with the development of a brand-typical architecture. The task was the architectural planning of the new headquarters and training center in Oldenburg and the adaptation, planning and support during the implementation of further locations in Osnabrück, Mannheim, Berlin and Hanover. “At the beginning of the project, Justus Asselmeyer asked us questions at our very first meeting that we had never heard from an architect before. That impressed. Initially, we just looked at ourselves, our corporate identity, our values and our needs, and then used this to jointly define a clear set of tasks for the buildings. The result is impressive,” says Mario Lenz, Chairman and Managing Director of ista Express Service GmbH. The ista Group is one of the world’s leading energy service providers. The core business of ista Express Service GmbH is the installation and maintenance of measuring devices such as heat cost allocators, water meters and smoke alarms in residential buildings. Asselmeyer Architekt Hamburg was and is responsible for the complete strategic consulting, including corporate architecture, branding as well as content production and parts of the corporate communication.

Example 2: Private residential project in Braunschweig – innovative construction in existing buildings

Modern architecture for peopleThis private residence is about jointly working out the individual wishes for residential architecture, and from this an identity architecture concept is then created that is individually tailored to the client. It was important to preserve the substance of the building, but to gut it and renovate it in terms of energy efficiency. Living space after conversion: 275 square meters. “Justus already asked us the crucial questions during the first property inspection – even aside from questions about financing and subsidy options. This is exactly what we needed to concretize our own visions of the character of the house. We were completely thrilled with the concept of renovating the existing building/bungalow,” say the private developers.

The particular challenge in this project was that the permitted lateral building limits were reached with the existing structure and the ceiling height in the basement was only 2.05 meters, which was in a non-permissible habitable range. The architectural solution to generate enough living space for a family of four is to lower or re-found a section of the basement by 100 centimeters in depth. This is made possible by an elaborate WU reinforced concrete structure that resists groundwater and earth pressure on the unique lakefront property. By lowering one floor level and adding a 12-meter-long atrium running the length of the building, a completely new residential floor is created. “This first design presentation on our project just overwhelmed us,” the private developers said enthusiastically.

Many years of experience in designing perfect identity architecture

Companies and brands for which concepts in the sense of corporate and brand identity have already been developed and implemented, among others on behalf of the Hamburg agency for Brand.Experience.Architecture “NEST ONE” and Justus Asselmeyer: Aldi Süd, Allianz Versicherungen, AMG Tuning, Beiersdorf, BMW, E-Plus/Base, HSV Hamburger Sportverein, Hyundai, Ista Express Service, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Nivea, Nivea Haus Hamburg, Nivea Haus Berlin, Porsche, Porsche Design, SV Beckdorf Handball, Tesa, TUI, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge; Other agencies: FORMAT’67, FORMAT MEDIAHOUSE;

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