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If the electricity for our electric cars comes from above in the future, a team of architects from Hamburg will have a hand in it

Individual charging stations are to be turned into functional “charging parks” with a lounge character

Charging HubCharging Hub Hamburg (pts006/09.03.2023/09:00) – Up until now, electric charging stations have only been individual charging stations on highways, in streets, in business parks, or Supercharger stations from Tesla. What they all have in common is that there is no infrastructure, as is the case with filling stations for internal combustion engines. Toilets, recreation rooms, or gastronomic offers? Wrong! This is precisely what the Hamburg-based architecture firm, Asselmeyer Architekt, is hoping to drastically change and, above all, improve in the future with the concept of the Charging Experience Hub – a charging park with an attractive range of services and a lot of quality of stay.

“No one likes to spend time at the current charging facilities, even though the charging process for a modern electric car usually only takes 20 to 30 minutes. The charging points are partly in inconvenient places, and the time seems infinite. And it’s still mainly the cables lying around the car that leave a very antediluvian impression. With our concept of a charging park, the electricity comes from above, and the waiting time can be used sensibly in the gastronomic lounge,” says architect Justus Asselmeyer from Hamburg. This creates new and profitable opportunities, just as it did for investors in the early days of the automobile.

Forward-looking ideas on the “loading park” concept

Gas stations willbe around for a long time, and there will be more and more charging stations for electric cars here as well. However, the idea of the loading park is new in form. The accessible stay experience after the start of the loading process is divided into several areas:

  • The parking lots with high-performance charging points and innovative charging plugs that automatically extend from the ceiling for hay. The charging stations can be booked in advance via app and can, therefore, be targeted, and the payment is automated after the charging process.
  • The bar on the first floor (with an attractive outdoor area – either vending machine gastronomy or operated by tenants with gastronomic experience).
  • The public part with a lounge, seasonal, regional high-quality food and beverage offer, and washrooms.
  • Another area on the upper floor, which is the “business lounge” in the loading park. An exclusive lounge section that can be played and programmed differently depending on the region, also from sponsors, brands, municipalities, or private operators. Here, access is either free or specifically selected, via a bonus system or membership.
  • If desired, the Mobility Hub can be supplemented by car-sharing or car-rental services.

Friendly, welcoming, and a meeting point of the “near” future for the moment of loading

An open, bright, and inviting charging park (Charging Experience Hub) combines safety, reliability, a culinary offering, and a high level of quality of stay. This is entirely in keeping with the concept of identity architecture propagated by architect Asselmeyer as a triad of architecture, occupation, and communication. “The concept of the loading parks also incorporates the specifications of the identity architecture. Our building concepts should, therefore, not only be planned as sustainably, flexibly, and adaptably as possible, but above all also offer a feel-good factor and comfort in the long term in addition to the high utility factor. Whether for the employees working there or the guests! Therefore, despite the ultra-modern theme of electric mobility, a great deal has been planned using the sustainable and comfortable material of wood (in load-bearing construction and surfaces) as well as incorporating plants and greenery.

The operators, vendors, and tenants of these super hubs can be many and varied,

  • Automotive brands
  • Service station operators and lessors
  • Start-Ups
  • Energy suppliers in the respective regions
  • Municipal utilities (in counties, municipalities and cities)
  • Tourism associations (whether Germany, Austria or other countries)


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