Charging Experience Hub



Project type

Infrastructure / commercial construction


Modularly scalable


Concept/feasibility study

High-performance charging points
m2 of top quality living space
different stay experiences

Project description

Scalable concept for a new kind of charging experience in the Charging Experience Hub

So far, electric charging stations are often only single charging columns on highways, in streets, in business parks, or isolated “naked” Supercharger stations, such as those from Tesla. Generally speaking, one speaks of “charging points” in purely rational terms.

Far too seldom are there good concepts for new innovative charging parks, so it is important to combine the ever-increasing need for an area-wide charging infrastructure with appropriate architecture and quality of stay in the coming years.

A Charging Experience Hub with a lounge character is to be created from individual charging columns.

A scalable, two-story, open, bright, and inviting high-performance loading dock combined with culinary offerings and a high level of amenity, according to our concept and feasibility study design.

In detail, this means:

  • The loading spaces are located at the first-floor level, covered by the cantilevered upper floor.
  • Mobility app users can conveniently reserve charging spots in advance via the app. A highlight are the charging plugs that can be extended from the ceiling, for moving and pulling to the required charging plug on the vehicle.
  • Authentication as well as billing is done automatically.
  • A high-quality bar on the first floor with small snacks, drinks, and various seating areas.
  • On the upper floor as a public part, a lounge with seasonal, regional high-quality food and beverage offers as well as washrooms.
  • Another area on the upper floor, which is a kind of “business lounge” in the loading park. An exclusive lounge that can be played and programmed differently depending on the region. also from sponsors, brands, municipalities, or private operators. Here, access is either free or specifically selected, via a bonus system or membership.
  • If desired, the Mobility Hub can be supplemented by car-sharing or car-rental services.

High-tech meets feel-good atmosphere

The state-of-the-art, digitally controllable charging infrastructure on the building is enclosed with the material wood (in load-bearing construction and in the surfaces) as well as with many naturally greened areas. Large, semi-rounded glulam columns and reinforced concrete discs and cores form the load-bearing structure for the floor above, which cantilevers out on all sides. Horizontally aligned wooden slats form the natural shading of the otherwise almost completely transparent glass facade. A landscaped courtyard visible from 4 sides enhances the hub on the ground and second floors.

In the smallest scale, the newly developed charging park has 32 high-performance charging points with up to 320 kilowatts of charging power each, as well as 32 additional AC charging points. In addition to the grid connection, this is made possible by an intermediate storage tank and a photovoltaic system on the entire roof surface.

The operators, vendors, and tenants of these super hubs can be many and varied,

We are currently in talks with automotive brands, gas station operators and lessors, but also startups, energy suppliers in the respective regions, municipal utilities (in counties, municipalities and cities), and tourism associations (whether in Germany, Austria, or other countries).

A store with the highest quality of stay

We cannot speed up the loading process, but we can and must significantly improve the loading time! The Charging Experience Hub combines safety, reliability, culinary offerings, and a high level of quality of stay.