Urban quarter - subsequent use of a vacant shopping center



Project type

Infrastructure / urban development

Land area



Concept/feasibility study

m2 Newly created green space in the urban area
m2 of new façade surface facing the inner courtyard
different stay experiences

Project description

Old shopping center becomes lively new city quarter in HamburgIdentity through the opening and dismantling of a closed structure

A large vacant shopping center is transformed into an innovative mixed-use architectural complex by breaking up the unattractive dark central area and opening it up to the outside, with more natural light throughout the building. The aim is to create an environment that is open to people and invites them to experience and enliven the new quarter. The project is an example of how existing old and bulky building typologies can be sensibly repurposed and revitalized.

From solid and forbidding to open and inviting – real identity architecture!

The shopping center was a massive, closed structure built in the 1970s. A real concrete block with a huge area that has been empty for some time, but did not provide any attractive spaces for living or working. Instead of completely demolishing the building or making only minimal changes to it for temporary use, we decided to take a radical and bold approach in line with the concept of identity architecture. The building was divided into two smaller blocks, between which a spacious, open inner courtyard now extends. The inner courtyard is the heart of the new complex. It offers open space, local recreation and quality of stay for both residents and passers-by, and the area is to become a place for everyone to meet and live.

Access points make the area accessible to all!

The building is now flooded with light, with many entrances and protected from the noise and traffic of the city center. The inner courtyard is also a place of encounter and integration, where different people can come together and use the building. Within the complex there are areas for meetings, student spaces, workplaces, offices, a food court, art workshops, exhibitions, shopping facilities, sports facilities and living spaces on the upper floors. On the roof there is a rooftop with a breathtaking view over Hamburg and two different bars.

More information in our publication from 08.12.2023 or here

Neues Stadtquartier - Bestandsvolumen
Neues Stadtquartier - Luftbild
Neues Stadtquartier - Innenhofsituation
Neues Stadtquartier - Eingang
Neues Stadtquartier - Eingang
Neues Stadtquartier - Innenhof
Neues Stadtquartier - Rooftop