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ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT becomes partner of SV Beckdorf

Shortly before the end of the year, SV Beckdorf has announced a new strong sponsoring partner, the architectural firm ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT

Hamburg, Beckdorf: ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT becomes a partner of SV Beckdorf. Shortly before the end of the year, SV Beckdorf introduces a new, strong sponsoring partner in the architectural firm ASSELMEYER ARCHITEKT. For the next two years, the architectural firm Asselmeyer Architekt, Hamburg, and SV Beckdorf will form a partnership.

In addition to its presence on the jersey and the warm-up clothing, the company makes an effective advertising appearance in the “Auf dem Delm” sports hall, SV Beckdorf’s home venue. Further joint actions are planned in a strategic cooperation.

“Recently, almost all player contracts at the club were extended on a long-term basis. This is a strong sign of belonging. The merger with Asselmeyer Architekt Hamburg is a big, further step, confirms our work and gives us further tailwind in these challenging and dynamic times,” says 1st Chairman Klaus Meinke.

“I am very much looking forward to the cooperation. The association operates with a high level of know-how and embodies similar values and goals that also shape my office and my work: Both partners create environments for people in a way that is identity-forming, unique and thus sustainable and shaped by perspective,” says Justus Asselmeyer, whose boys also already play in the club’s mini teams.

Identity architecture is the further development of corporate architecture and puts people at the center.


Every person feels architecture. With identity architecture, we make brands come alive with a building – creating places that people love. The focus of the Hamburg-based architecture firm is the conception, planning, and implementation of structural identity/brand projects with the aim of giving architecture an identity, making it tangible, and generating added values such as personality, emotion, belonging, functionality, and user orientation.

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Lange Reihe 29
20099 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 (0) 40 524 764 040