Residual farm


Beckdorf, near Hamburg

Project type

Single-family house, core renovation and conversion


375 m2 GFA



m2 living space
m room height
m2 exposed screed

Project description

Dating back to 1914, the 3-sided farmhouse (the 19th farm in the village) was completely gutted and core renovated to today’s energy standards.
The original main house was divided into 1/3 living and 2/3 stables for livestock. The entire attic was used for storage of hay and grain. The object remained in its ductus and external appearance, the outer masonry was elaborately prepared and only broken up by a few new openings for the new living space.

Inside, the floor plan has been completely reorganized and rezoned, with an open living space consisting of kitchen, dining and living extending around the stairwell that is open to the roof. The exits and entrances are connected at ground level in all places, so that the living space extends to the outside without barriers.

The biggest challenge in the construction phase was the division into two construction phases: in order not to damage the load-bearing system of the house, only one half of the house could initially be divided lengthwise, gutted and rebuilt; the second half had to remain standing until the other part could take over the structural function again. All load-bearing timber elements were visually upgraded and supported with flat steel where necessary.

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Photography: Monica Gumm